Tony Siress

SAGVC was founded Silicon Valley in 2004 by me, the firm’s Managing Director and Principal Consultant. In 2018 SAGVC relocated to Austin Texas. For almost three decades, Tony has been highly regarded as a leading technology and business-model problem solver as well as an idea architect. His focus now is to apply his experience in business development, sales, marketing, branding, and technology to help entrepreneurs reach the full potential with their products and or services.

How it all began…

Tony founded his first company, the consulting firm, Personal Touch, while he was still attending Santa Clara University. Next, as Director of Technical Services for Single Source, Tony helped grow the three-person company with revenue of $1.5 million into a 12-person company with revenue of $4 million in a 18-month period.

Tony began his corporate career at Sun Microsystems as a Systems Engineer and soon was advancing through the branches of the company. After testing Sun products against competitors’ in Technical Product Marketing, Tony really began to make a name for himself for his successes as Sales Representative.

While still working full time for Sun, Tony and co-worker Mark Fitzpatrick were given permission by Sun to work on their own to help a client by developing server failover management software for SunOS. Tony and Mark co-founded Tidalwave Technologies to market and sell this product, and soon they drew the attention of Veritas Software.

Veritas acquired Tidalwave in 1995, and Tony left Sun to develop business as the company’s Director of International Sales for Japan, and the Far East. After recruiting managers and setting up sales offices for Veritas in Asia, Tony returned to the States to build the sales channel of the company’s Sun products on the East Coast. He then joined the Marketing department as Product Line Manager to develop product and marketing plans for the company’s High Availability software offerings.

During this time, Tony started his first venture capital firm Lestat, Inc. and invested in some advanced Internet ventures and the reopening of San Francisco’s famous Oasis nightclub in 1996.

Having exhausted his opportunities for challenges at Veritas with the support of then CEO Mark Leslie, Tony rejoined Sun and for the next 7 and a half years, he advanced through Sun’s divisions. His titles during this period: Financial Sales Rep, Javasoft’s Division’s Technology Sales Manager for Northern California; Western Area Manager for Software and Technology OEM Sales, Director of Strategic Sales Development for Webtop and Application Software, Senior Director for Desktop Solutions, Senior Director for Services Marketing and finally VP of Utility (cloud) Computing. Tony left Sun in 2004 to found Siress AG Venture Capital | Consulting and in 2018 merged his California company into his newly formed Texas company Siress AG Ventures Corporation.