Whatever stage you are at with your business, I can help you make positive sustainable progress. I invest in people and their ideas.

I maintain a strong methodology that ensures success for people or businesses I choose to work together with to accomplish amazing goals.

Learn more about SAGVC and see how we can work together to share my knowledge, expertise, support, and strategic vision to bring forth powerful solutions together.


1. Problem Statement

Any idea for a new product or service starts with a Problem Statement. For example, “How do we build a better mousetrap?” In other words, what is the basis for the innovation being offered? SAGVC needs to understand and agree with your problem statement before moving to the next step.

2. Analysis

So you think you have a better solution to an existing problem. Is this solution viable? Does it have merit? SAGVC will analyze your innovation to help determine if it is possible and viable

3. Market

I determine it can be done; it is possible and viable. But will someone buy it? Is the market ready for your product or service? SAGVC must have a basic understanding of your target market and agree that the market wants or will want your innovation.

4. Business Model

OK, we believe the market is ready. How do you sell your innovation? How do you price it? Will people be willing to pay what you require to make the business work? SAGVC will assist you in developing an acceptable business model that benefits the buyer of the solution as well as provides the necessary revenue to enable you the opportunity to grow.


5. Marriage

Marriage may be a strange term to use, but any investment is truly a commitment to the team, a belief that the people in which you have invested will overcome obstacles and continue working toward the objective. This stage is the key decision point as to whether SAGVC will commit to the investment.

6. Launch

We are invested and ready to move forward. Now that the product is developed and the Beta tests are complete, it’s time to launch. What is the go-to-market strategy? How has the market changed? Do you need to adjust? How are you going to maximize return on capital through effective marketing? SAGVC will work with you to successfully launch your product or service by fine-tuning your marketing and sales efforts.

7. Expansion

Many call the transference of sales from early adopters to mainstream customers “crossing the chasm”. This is when you have truly validated your market and begin to move into the most profitable phase of your product’s life cycle. This is also typically when competition starts to heat up. Have you worked out how to protect your product from competitors? SAGVC will assist you with strategic management as your product moves through the business life cycle.

8. Harvest

This is one of the most critical points in the life cycle of a product or service. The profits are flowing in and you have strategically positioned yourself ahead of the competition. You have paid back your investors and have made good money. This is when you must develop your next product offering, when you must be willing to reinvest some profits in new ideas. Now it’s time to begin the development process again, but this time, you are the investor.