Without a doubt one of the most passionate, driven people I've come across. He's full of great business ideas and strategies, and his personable demeanor and drive for results make executing those ideas and working for him an absolute joy.  He continues to be an inspirational leader and is constantly looking out for the development of his teammates. I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with.

— Jonathan Taylor (Entrepreneur/Investor, Formerly GeneralThings & GoPro)

“One of the sharpest strategic minds in Silicon Valley.”

I have known Tony both professionally and socially for several years, and I must say he is one of the sharpest strategic minds in Silicon Valley. He's always several steps ahead of the competition, and delivers what counts the most: results. He also brings energy, integrity, and a sense of fun to every every business he touches.

Fred Love (VP Marketing, Portworx)

 Proved to be invaluable...

Tony's business acumen, strategic thinking and technical depth proved to be invaluable during his six month consulting contract at Motorola while assisting my team in repositioning our software platform marketing strategy.

Cheryln Chin  (VP Global Partners, Splunk)

Tony brings a great mix of strategy, creativity, high energy and a drive for results to the table. It was great working with such a business partner with a keen sense for business outcomes.

May Petry (Vice President - Digital Marketing, Pure Storage)

It seems everything Tony touches turns to gold..”

Tony has been an able mentor, brilliant decision-maker, and trusted partner. It seems everything Tony touches turns to gold. He has incredible business sense and similarly unmatched technical knowledge. A true professional and selfless philanthropist to boot, Tony has it all. Without reservation I recommend association with Tony and look forward to working more with him in the future myself.

Nicholas Zeisler (Director - Customer Experience, HP Former Professor, USAF Academy)

Tony is a problem solver...

Tony is a problem solver, who achieves success through straightforward and practical solutions to core business issues. He breaks down problems to their essence, constructs thoughtful solutions in a timely manner, precisely articulates them, then develops the pipeline and team to execute toward success. His network of outstanding professionals is impressive. Though his input and connections, Tony has created a road-map for success for our company. Plus, Tony is a great person with whom to work. 

Bruce Fogel, DDS  (Professor Stanford University School of Medicine, Former CEO, eHuman)


His energy is infectious.

Tony is an incredibly creative, high energy leader...he is passionate about what he does, and his energy is infectious. He was a critical member of my team at Sun...was glad to have him on my team!

Vivek Joshi (Co-Founder/CEO, Entytle, Inc.)


"Tony's ability to get movement on projects..."

Tony has been an amazing mentor for my professional growth and displays all the qualities of a senior executive that I aim to become. Tony's ability to get movement on projects, execute on strategy, and command the attention of the room are amazing qualities of a successful asset to a company. It's always been an amazing opportunity and pleasure to work with/for Tony.

— Benjamin Trotter (Founder, Storefront Social/Globetrotter Designs, LLC)

“A valuable contributor to our management

Tony, a board member at eHuman, has been a valuable contributor to our management and other board members. We are benefiting from his considerable business experience as he demonstrates sound judgement and sage advice. We are grateful for his association and can recommend him without reservation.

— Paul Brown (Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine/Founder, eHuman)

“The most trustworthy, dependable, & principled individuals I have known

I have known Tony for almost 20 years in both personal & professional capacities. In both cases he is one of the most trustworthy, dependable, & principled individuals I have known. Professionally, Tony has always demonstrated vision, a determination to succeed, leadership, & a commitment to achieving his goals. He has shown this through his successes in both private as well as corporate ventures.

— Ross Dargahi (co-founder Astro Technologies/Principal, Volt Ventures)