Siress AG Ventures Corporation (SAGVC) is an investment consultancy which provides clients, investors and partners with high-value solutions across a variety of industries. SAGVC offers management/strategy consulting, trusted advisor services and early-stage “angel/seed” venture funding.

Your Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor is the process of engaging clients by focusing attention on the issues and individuals at hand; listening both to what they say and to what they leave unsaid; framing the immediate problem from their perspective; envisioning with them how a solution might appear; and committing jointly to the actions and resources that will bring about the desired result.


Management | Strategy Consulting

Management Consulting (also called Strategy Consulting) helps companies improve performance through analysis of existing business best problems and development of future plans. Management consulting may involve the use of practices, analytic techniques, coaching and change management skills, technology implementations, and strategy business development to identify problems and suggest better ways to perform tasks.


Early-Stage “Angel” Venture Capital

Early-stage “Angel” or “Seed” venture capital: Angel or Seed investors are those who provide capital to one or more early state start-up companies. The individual usually has a personal stake in the success of the venture.  Such investments are characterized by higher risks and potentially large returns.